Our jewelry is no longer sold through our website. You can put together the jewelry on this page and see what options are available.
You can then download your composition and take it to one of our dealers. They will be happy to help you with the order.

813 S


Zilveren bedelarmband, 20 cm. Deze armband is ook geschikt voor Pandora bedels aan te dragen. Ze hebben dezelfde grootte. In deze armband zelf kan geen as bewaard worden, enkel in de bedels. De verkrijgbare armbandmaten zijn 16 cm, 18 cm en 20 cm.

Hoe meer bedels u draagt, hoe strakker de armband komt te zitten.

Hoe bepaal ik de armbandmaat?

Om de juiste armbandmaat te bepalen die het beste om uw pols past, mag u uw pols opmeten. Gebruik hiervoor een centimeter of een meetlint en doe deze om uw pols, achter de knokkel (richting de elleboog, niet richting de hand). Is uw polsmaat:

  • Tussen 14 cm en 15.5 cm, dan raden we aan armbandmaat 16 te nemen.
  • Tussen 15.5 cm en 17.5 cm, dan raden we aan armbandmaat 18 te nemen.
  • Tussen 17.5 cm en 19.5 cm, dan raden we aan armbandmaat 20 te nemen.


  • Verkrijgbaar in 3 maten.
  • Armband is niet bedoelt voor as in te bewaren. Enkel in de bedels.


Due to the acute rise in the gold rate, due to unrest in the Middle East, you should take into account a price increase of about 5% on top of the listed price.

Silver 925 charm bracelet. This bracelet is also suited to carry Pandora charms. It’s not designed to hold ashes inside. Only the charms hold ashes/ hair/ engravings. The available sizes are 16 cm, 18 cm and 20 cm. Please note that the more charms you slide on, the tighter the bracelet will feel.

How do I decide which bracelet size fits my wrist?
To determine which bracelet size fits your wrist best, it’s recommended to measure your wrist size. Use a kind of measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist just behind the knuckle (in the direction of your elbow, not your hand). If your wrist size is. Your See You dealer can also help you with this.:

  • between 14 cm and 15.5 cm, we recommend bracelet size 16.
  • between 15.5+ and 17.5 cm, we recommend bracelet size 18.
  • between 17.5+ and 19.5 cm, we recommend bracelet size 20.


  • Available in three different sizes
  • Not designed to hold ashes inside the bracelet
  • See ‘Charms’ for available charms that hold ashes/ hair/ engravings.

If in stock
Netherlands & Belgium1-3 business days
Europe & United Kingdom2-5 business days
America3-5 business days
Other countries5-7 business days
If not in stock
Netherlands & Belgium4-5 weeks
Europe & United Kingdom5-6 weeks
America5-6 weeks
Other countries5-6 weeks

Through our website you can create a Wish List. The Wish List can be taken to one of the See You dealers and they will help you to fine tune your order, like taking your correct ring size, wrist size, decide on necklace length or decide on the engraving position. Your See You dealer can integrate the ashes/ hair/ breast milk into the jewelry for you with our special resin.