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All silver jewelry are produced in sterling silver (925/000), with exception of the mini urns. Those are produces in 835/000 silver. All silver jewelry are rhodium plated, with exception of the silver mini urns.

Rhodium plated
A platina metal layer is applied in an electrolytic way which gives the silver a luxurious white-gold radiation. The silver won’t oxidize because of this layer.  The rhodium plated layer could eventually wear out. Especially on rings because of the everyday wear and tare.  In most cases it is possible to re-do the rhodium layer.


The stones we use for our jewelry are zircons, a well imitated look of a brillant-cut diamond. We can exchange the zircons for diamonds if prefferd. Prices on request.


14 karat yellow/rose-gold plated
Please note: gold plated is not the same as gold. The plating is a 2 micron thick layer that can fade in time by dayly wear and tare. We advice to not wipe/clean the golden plated part. This can make the golden plated layer fade. 


All silver and steel jewelry can be made into 14 or 18 karat gold with diamonds, except for the mini urns, candle urn (110 A), bracelet 811, 812, 813, BL 004, BL 005, BL 006 and BL 007. On request some items can be made in 9 carat as well.


100 series Pendants
All models from the 100 series which are made with a glass front and/or back can be opened with a screw and be filled with a funnel. These pieces are marked in our catalogue with a dot. The pieces that can be filled with resin are marked with a square.

Pendants 110 SB and 109 SG are 14 karat yellow plated.


200 series rings and pendants
Rings and matching pendants in sterling silver and a 14 karat golden rim on the ash compartment.


300 series earrings
Sterling silver creoles with pendants and studs. These creoles and pendants can be mixed and matched. The creoles are not meant to hold ashes.


400 series fingerprints and text laser engraving
Fingerprints made in Wax

These fingerprints will be made with the so called ‘Lost wax’ method.  This means that the original wax fingerprint will be lost during the process. If you want to make sure that you will always have the possibility to make another fingerprint-pendant or other piece of jewelry that contains the same fingerprint, we will need to make a rubber model of the original wax fingerprint which is called a matrix. With this matrix we can make as many fingerprints as desired. The price for the matrix is €50.

 The most common fingerprint-pendant is the original, round shaped, fingerprint. Other possible shapes are a heart, butterfly, square or clover. After the wax fingerprint has been made into silver or gold, our goldsmith will do the finishing touch. She integrates the fingerprint into the desired piece of jewelry. This wax impression shows the actual pushing of the finger into the wax. Which we believe makes it feel really real.


Double sided fingerprints

Push the two fingers into the wax at the same time on opposite sides. This way you will have the connection of two people in a piece of jewelry. Perfect for, for example a couple or a parent and child(ren). There’s no additional cost for a double sided fingerprint as the one wax ball is a one time last wax method.

 We highly recommend to always make 2 or more fingerprints in case one impression is not clear enough. Send the two best to us and we will decide which impression is the clearest. We advise you to keep one impression at home.


Laser/ ink
Another possibility is to laser the fingerprint on a piece of jewelry. A lasered fingerprint can be made from a wax ball, digital scan or from an ink impression on a piece of paper. The fingerprint will be scanned and lasered on the item that is desired. With the laser technique we can also laser signatures, handwritting tekst, initials, pawprints, footprints and so on. You can find the price list for all laser engraving types in this catalogue.


500 series mini urns
The mini urns are very much suited for putting in milk teeth, ashes or hair. The ash remains can be solidified with resin. This way the lid doesn’t need to be glued and you can open the box whenever one wishes.


110 A Candle urn
Stainless steel candle urn with glass front and back and a zircon. The urn can be filled with ashes through a funnel on the top.
100 mm high
45 mm wide
75 mm deep


600 series necklaces
Sterling silver- gold plated necklaces with adjustable chain.


700 series mini necklaces
Mini necklaces available in silver, or gold. The ashes can be worn facing the front or the back. The included chains are 42 cm in length. The silver-zircon or golden-diamond can be added next to the symbol. These zircons/diamonds are not meant to hold any ashes. The opening behind the zircon/diamond is neccesary for the stone to keep its sparkle. When one closes it off with ashes the sparkle may dissapear. The stones can only be added to the necklace by our goldsmiths.


800 series charms
Silver pandora style bracelet with charms. The charms can be filled on the front and back with ashes. The charm-pendants can only be filled on the front. On the back there’s room for an engraving (fingerprint or text).

The 805 s does not hold any ashes. This charm is only suited for a laser engraving.



Silver rings
These are available in the sizes: 50 – 52 – 54 – 56 – 58 – 60.
The RG 001 to RG 004 are available in size 48 as well.
The inbetween sizes need to be custom made. There’s a fee of €15 and an extra delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks. Extra small or extra large sizes can also be custom made for the same price and delivery time.

Please note that the sides RG 026, RG 027 and RG 029 are not meant to hold any ashes. They are just for decoration.


Gold Line Collection
Silver or 14 karat white, yellow or rose golden collection.
These are also available in silver- gold plated for on our dealers‘ display. They are not for sale to the consumer.


Steel rings
The available ring sizes are shown beneath each article. All whole and half sizes are available. Please note that steel rings can not be adjusted in size. There’s no possibility to customize them. When a desired steel design is not available in the desired size, we recommend to have the same design made into silver. Prices on request.


Ladies bracelets
When ordering a bracelet, please inform us about the wrist size. We will customize the band according to the wrist size. We have a tool available to measure the wrist. The BL 005 and BL 006 are silver/ gold-plated. The BL 007 has a flexible band. There’s a steel thread inside that makes the bracelet bendable. One size fits all. The BL 012 and BL 013 are silver with leather straps. The straps have a warranty for 1 year. Straps are replacable and will always be custom made by us. BL 013 is very much suited for an engraving as well.


Gents bracelets
When ordering a bracelet, please inform us about the wrist size. We will customize the band according to the wrist size. We have a tool available to measure the wrist.
The straps are replacable. The BG 007 and BG 010 is also very much suited for an engraving.


These can be filled with either ashes or lasered with a fingerprint.


The standard length of our chains are 45 cm. We can adjust the length on request.