How to take my fingerprint

We guarantee you will obtain the most clear fingerprint with our fingerprint pads. The pads are not made of ink. That’s why they don’t stain and don’t leave an ink mark on your finger. With these ink pads multiple fingerprints can be taken. 

Step 1. Gently press your finger on the pad.
Step 2. Gently press your finger on the card (without rolling your finger)



2 Fingerprints heart shape
When you’d like to order two fingerprints in a heart shape we would like to receive two separate  fingerprints. There’s no need to put the two fingerprints in a heart shape yourself. 


How do I send my fingerprints to See You?
Please take a clear picture of the fingerprint with your smart phone. You may bring this to your See You dealer. If there’s no See You dealer situated near you, you may email these images to, together with your name and contact information.