How do I send the ashes to See You

We only need a small amount of ashes, about a teaspoon. Please place the ashes in a plastic zip-lock bag, write your name and order number with a black sharpie on the bag, and mail it to us in a bubble envelope addressed to:

See You
Cipres 2
5711 DZ Someren

How long will it take to receive my jewelry?

All silver pieces are usually in stock and send back to your home address 2 days after we receive the ashes from you. We will immediately inform you when the piece of your choice is not currently in stock and when we expect to have it back in stock.

The gold pieces will be manufactured once we receive your order, and will take about 4-6 weeks. We will contact you by phone or email once the piece is ready, and request that you send the ashes by then. You don’t need to send the over in advance. That way the ashes are not kept here for a long period and you don’t need to miss them.

Are the See You jewelry water proof?

Yes, the jewelry is waterproof, however, the resin can be damaged by seawater, chloride and other aggressive chemical product that may be used inside the water. It is best to not soak the jewelry piece in water, and we do recommend our customers to not swim, bathe or do dishes while wearing the jewelry.

Can the jewelry be worn while sleeping?

Rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants can be safely worn while sleeping. However, the necklaces may damage or break when worn while asleep. Especially the snake chain (113 S) is more sensitive. We recommend to not wear those necklaces while sleeping.

How much ashes will be required?

About one teaspoon is more than enough for one jewelry piece. The unused ashes will always be returned to you along with the completed jewelry.

Will the leftover ashes be returned to me?

Yes, the remainder of the ashes unused in the making of the jewelry will be returned to you along with your completed jewelry piece.

Will the sterling silver tarnish?

We treat all our sterling silver pieces with Rhodium coating, which will prevent tarnishing. However, we do recommend that our customers clean the jewelry piece with a silver cloth, to preserve its shine.
Yellow or rose plated jewelry cannot be cleaned with the silver cloth. It may wipe off the plating.

Are the silver pieces also available in gold?

Yes, most pieces are also available in 14, 18 kt gold or 9 kt. It usually take 4 to 6 weeks to produce the piece. The prices are shown with every product. Please select your desired kt and whether you want zircons or diamonds.

Does See You offer custom-made pieces of jewelry?

Yes, we very much welcome our customers to share their jewelry ideas with us, for us to create for them the custom-made piece unique to their story. Once we have an understanding of the type of piece you desire, we can give you an estimate of the time required for its production, and our pricing options. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about the unlimited possibilities of our custom-made memorial jewelry.

What is '9 kt'?

9 Kt is a lower amount of gold in a piece of jewelry. The standard in The Netherlands is 14 kt gold. Which means there’s 585/000 pure gold. The standard in Belgium for instance is 18 kt gold. Then there’s more pure gold added to the material.
In the Netherlands 9 kt may not be called ‘gold’ because the amount of pure gold is low. But in many other countries it is allowed to be named gold.

What is 'plated'?

Plated is only a very thin layer of 14 kt gold that’s applied to the silver jewelry item. The plating does not last forever. It will slowly come off by daily wear and tear.
The plating can be re-applied.

Is nickel used to the See You jewelry?

No. Nickel has been forbidden to be used in jewelry for a whilte and is not used in any of our jewelry.

How do I send my breast milk to See You?

There are 2 options:

1. The filling with mothermilk can either be done by one of our See You dealers. Please contact your desired location to ask if they can do the mothermilk filling. That way the mothermilk also doesn’t need to be send overseas.

2. The filling with mothermilk can be done by us. Please put a few drops of mothermilk in a little container and send it to:

See You
Cipres 2
5711 DZ Someren

You will immediately receive an email from us that we have safely received the package.
The milk will be put in the jewelry the same day.

When the jewelry is finished you’ll receive an email from us with the tracking number so you can track the package.

Does the breast milk need to be frozen or made into powder?

No. That won’t be necessary. You can just send the milk to us in any form; fluid, frozen or powder. Anything will do.

Won't the milk go bad?

The package takes 2 to 3 days to arrive at our office in The Netherlands. We take care of the assembly process the same day. The milk won’t be bad. We can easily apply it to our jewelry.

Can I be present during the filling process?

Please ask your desired See You dealer about the options. Some offer you to be present, others do not unfortunately.

Can I receive pictures and a video of the filling proces when I let See You fill my jewelry?

Yes, certainly.
Please ask us to make photo’s and videos and we’ll take care of it!